I supervised numerous Seminar and Proseminar topics at Technical University of Munich. For the Proseminar I was one of the organizer from 2016 to 2018.

The Proseminar “Network Hacking and Defense” was meant to provide students a first contact with scientific paper writing. Topics assigned to students were mostly focussed on basic networking technologies and potential attacks.

The Seminars “Future Internet” and “Innovative Internet Technologies and Mobile Communication” built upon that first contact with more focussed and unique topics. The topics I proposed and supervised in those courses mostly focussed on one of those areas: Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Space Orchestration, Information Centric Networking (ICN) or Caching mechanisms

All Seminars were structured in a way that resembled a real world conference paper proposal. Students went through the following steps:

  1. Literature research
  2. Writing and handing in a first version
  3. Going through a review process (peer to peer based with other students)
  4. Incorporating the received feedback
  5. Handing in a final paper version

In addition each student had to give a 20 minute talk about his/her topic.

Here you can find a list with the topics I proposed and supervised through the years.

Proseminar (# 7)

  • Internet of Things Security (Andreas K., 2018)
  • An Overview of Covert Channels (Kim N., 2018)
  • Botnetze (English: Botnets) (Michael B., 2017)
  • Browser Attacks (Jan P., 2017)
  • Überblick über die Funktionsweise und Gefahren von Rootkits (English: Overview over functionality and dangers of rootkits (Florian J., 2017)
  • SQL Injections (Moritz H., 2017)
  • The NSA's QUANTUM THEORY Hacking Methods (2018, Christian K.)

Seminar (# 11)

  • Routing in Information Centric Networks (Maximilian R., 2019)
  • From FIFO to Predictive Cache Replacement (Daniel M., 2019)
  • Caching with Relation (Mohamad M., 2019)
  • Replicating Dynamic Content (Simin R., 2018)
  • Machine Learning on mobile and embedded devices (Victoria S., 2018)
  • SQL, noSQL or newSQL - comparison and applicability for Smart Spaces (Christoph R., 2017)
  • Network Anomaly Detection (An T., 2017)
  • Covert Channels (Maximilian E., 2017)
  • Malware Detetion in Secured Systems (Claes W., 2017)
  • Caching the Internet - Overview of Challenges and relevant Infrastructures (Alexander Z., 2017)
  • Data Management in Distributed Systems (2018, Simon S.)