Here you can find an overview over most of the theses I advised or co-advised at Technical University of Munich. Overall I advised more than 31 theses so far.

Master Theses (# 15)

  • Predictive Caching using Machine Learning in IoT Scenarios (Lars W., 2019)
  • A reusable Measurement Framework for optimizing IoT Systems (Sebastian V., 2019)
  • IoT Service Modelling (Paulius S., 2019)
  • Efficient Data Replication in Distributed IoT Environments (Christoph P., 2019)
  • Privacy-aware Policy-based IoT Access Control (Ellen M., 2018)
  • Using Wearables in IoT scenarios (Christian L., 2018)
  • A User-Assisted Creation of Semantic Indoor Models for Smarter Applications (Matthias M., 2018)
  • Autonomous Certificate Management for Microservices in Smart Spaces (Lorenzo D., 2018)
  • Providing a Remotely Manageable Runtime Environment for IoT Services (Fabian B., 2018)
  • Experimental Performance Evaluation of Private Distributed Ledger Implementations (Hendrik L., 2018)
  • Semi-Autonomous IoT Service Management on Unattended Nodes (Deniz C., 2018)
  • Decentralized Feature Processing on Resource-Constrained Devices for Network Anomaly Detection (Manuel E., 2018)
  • Efficient Storage Backends for IoT Data (Florian K., 2018)
  • Deep Learning in Smart Spaces (Markus L., 2017)
  • iLab Exchange Platform (Julius P., 2017)

Bachelor Theses (# 15)

  • Dynamically reconfigurable Galileo IoT Testbed (Kostiantyn R., 2019)
  • Data Replication Mechanisms for Smart Spaces (Arthur M., 2019)
  • Design of a Data Obfuscation Framework for IoT Data (Benedikt M., 2019)
  • Design Multihop Unicast Streaming in P2P Networks (Debastian B., 2019)
  • Exchange Platform for eLearning Courses (Valentin A., 2018)
  • Statistical Analysis of eLearning Processes (Sarah J., 2018)
  • Crowdsourced IoT Data Modeling (Friederike G., 2018)
  • Machine Learning-Based Adaptive Anomaly Detection in Smart Spaces (Francois A., 2018)
  • Native Service Interfaces for the Virtual State Layer (Felix K., 2017)
  • Improving eLearning through statistical Feedback (Beatrice B., 2017)
  • Socially Interactive Learning Materials (Desislava D., 2017)
  • Evaluating Databases for the Internet of Things (David G., 2017)
  • Voice Controlled Smart Spaces (Florian G., 2016)
  • Information Collection for Temporal Variation Analysis on Networks (Marko D., 2016)
  • Automated Planning, Setup and Configuration for Scientific Testbed Environments (Christoph R., 2016)

Interdiciplinary Projects (# 1)

  • Extension of the virtual iLab-Isle (Lars W., 2018)